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The Study of Women, Infant Feeding, and Type 2 Diabetes after Gestational Diabetes (SWIFT)

The SWIFT Study continues to follow 1,033 women and their children since enrollment in 2008 to 2011. The goal is to evaluate early-life factors from before, during and after pregnancy with gestational diabetes, such as maternal glucose control, breastfeeding and infant nutrition, and the effects on future health of mothers and children. Read the latest: News Update September, 2021

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SWIFT Follow-Up in Women

The study is open to all women who participated in the original SWIFT Study. The goal is to identify metabolites from a single blood sample after delivery to better predict future risk of type 2 diabetes in women after gestational diabetes. This may lead to simpler testing and early prevention of diabetes and heart disease in women.

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SWIFT Study in Youth

The SWIFT Study in Youth (SWIFT-Y) will include the preteen sons and daughters of SWIFT mothers, and determine how early life factors, such as early infant diet, child nutrition, and behaviors may affect their future growth and health.

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